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Esprit de Sport

It’s April of 2012, and assuming the Mayas were correct (which I am…just in case), I have eight months to make something of myself before the final day of judgment this December. And what if St. Peter, the burly bouncer at the gates of heaven, will open them only to those who have blogs and deny entry to those without? Anything is possible, so I guess you could say I’m subscribing to Pascal’s wager. Game theory is clear on this. The best course of action is to believe in God because the greatest potential gain lies in the belief in His existence, whereas the absence of belief could render you damned for all of eternity to watch Last Call With Carson Daly on loop. Why should the same theory not be applied to blogs? Belief is a matter of will, so I choose to believe that those with blogs will be saved and those without will be subjected to the previously mentioned fate worse than death. That’s my theory, and I’m sticking to it.

Update: They were incorrect…for the most part.


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